Commercial Glass in Concordia, KS

Not every company can handle the large-scale needs of commercial glass in Concordia, Huscher, Rice, Yuma, and Cloud County, KS. At Jackson’s Glass Shop, we can! We welcome commercial glass projects of all sizes and scopes, delivering flawless results to your business wherever glass is concerned. Our capabilities include:

Commercial Glass

  • Storefronts

    Your storefront is what attracts customers and entices them to come inside your establishment. Make sure your glass is in good condition, presenting an appealing call to action for anyone passing by. Whether you’re displaying products, showcasing your store’s interior or just letting in a little light, it’s important your storefront glass is pristine and nothing less.

  • Glass doors

    A cracked glass door or a missing pane isn’t serving your business well. Not only is damaged or missing door glass a safety hazard, it’s a security risk. Make sure your glass doors are strong, appealing and blemish-free, whether it’s a simple push-to-open door, an automated entryway or a revolving installation.

  • Display cases

    Glass display cases are a staple in many retail environments. Whatever you’re displaying in yours—special items, high-value goods or sale features—we’ll make sure the glass protecting them is in good condition. The best way to showcase the appeal of whatever you’re selling is to put it behind glass that looks great.

  • Mirrors

    Are there mirrors in your establishment? If there are, you’ll need a partner you can trust when it comes to repairs or replacements in Concordia, KS. Jackson’s Glass Shop is that partner! We’re the authority on all things involving mirrors and will make sure the ones in your business are reflective of quality. From display showcases to fitting rooms, call us to repair and install your mirrors.

  • General glass

    If there’s glass anywhere else in your business—such as door inlays, furniture or fixtures—we’re the company to call for repairs and replacements. Let us help you present the best version of your business. We also offer replacement parts such as: hinges, pivots, weather stripping, window spline, and lock parts to keep you running smoothly.

Commercial Glass

If your glass is damaged or you need a brand-new installation, Jackson’s Glass Shop is ready to help. Call us today for a free estimate and we’ll come to you to provide proven service. There’s a reason we’re known as the jack of all trades when it comes to commercial glass, residential glass, and auto glass repair! Contact us today at 785-243-7382.