Residential Glass Repair in Concordia, KS

There’s glass in almost every room of your home—whether in the form of windows, furniture or mirrors. If you have damaged glass or need a brand-new mirror installation in North Central Kansas, Jackson’s Glass Shop is ready to help. We’re equipped with the skills and products to handle most residential glass repair jobs, including:

Residential Glass

  • Windows

    We offer window repair and replacement in Concordia, Huscher, Rice, Yuma, and Cloud County, KS for single- and dual-pane windows of all types. No matter what style window you have, we’ll facilitate a replacement that restores the integrity and insulation efficiency to your window.

  • Glass doors

    If you’ve slammed your sliding glass door too hard or your front door glass has met an untimely demise, give us a call. We’re able to replace large panes of door glass, giving you back the convenience and beauty of door glass in your home.

  • Mirrors

    You know what they say—break a mirror and you’ll have 7 years of bad luck! Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure your luck stays good, even if you crack or shatter a mirror. We offer mirror installations and can repair most mirrors, including those with age-related damages, like rust spots.

  • Shower doors

    Thinking about improving the appeal of your bathroom? Talk to our professionals about glass shower doors! Not only are they easy to maintain and broadly appealing, there are framed and frameless styles to fit every bathroom and budget.

  • Furniture glass

    Furniture often suffers from daily wear and tear, we will cut & prepare a glass piece to cover & protect the surface from future problems. If you’ve got a glass table or desk that’s suffered a crack or chip with general use, we’ll gladly replace it. We’re able to fix most tempered panes for all types of tables, saving you the cost of buying a brand-new piece.

  • Vinyl Windows

    Looking into an alternative window replacement? Look no further, Vinyl Window Replacement is here. Vinyl windows are proven to be energy efficient, easy to clean with their tilting sash’s, available in a wide variety of colors, and help reduce your heating and cooling cost. Call today for a free estimate!

Mirror Installation

Damaged glass is a safety and security hazard. Make sure you’re calling Jackson’s Glass Shop for repairs and new installations as soon as you notice imperfections with your panes. Contact us today for a free estimate on commercial, auto glass, or residential glass repair by calling 785-243-7382.